The Center for Equity Promotion at the University of Oregon

Committed to collaborative, community-based research

The Center for Equity Promotion (CEQP) is part of the College of Education at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. CEQP is dedicated to working with communities to better understand and support the positive development of children and families, particularly those who are underserved by education, health, and social service systems.  We focus on populations that bear the greatest burden of health and education disparities related to adverse social and economic conditions. Our research informs culturally-specific prevention, intervention, and policy efforts that build on community strengths. Our aim is to improve the ability of education, health, and social services delivery systems to respond to the needs of underserved communities.


Focusing on supporting underserved communities and promoting access and involvement to eliminate achievement gaps


Prioritizing preventative care, participant empowerment, access to services, and  honoring culturally-specific health care practices


Utilizing the assets of communities to enhance our participatory, community-based approach to research and intervention.

Research to Practice

Promoting healthy outcomes for individuals and families through integration of the best available research evidence with practitioner expertise and considering the needs of those who will be affected.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

The Center for Equity Promotion and collaborators have implemented interventions and contributed to innovative research in six countries, focusing on improving educational and health outcomes, decreasing youth violence, and facilitating family relationships with incarcerated parents and healthy reintegration after release.

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